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Can a Singapore citizen/Singapore PR submit a PR application for his spouse without producing the marriage certificate at the time of application?

Answer:  The marriage certificate is a prerequisite to prove the marital relationship and it must be submitted at the time of application.

Can a Singapore PR be a self-employed person?

Answer:  A Singapore PR can be self-employed. However, the PR status does not exempt an individual from registration or any other conditions required under the respective professions for which professional registration to practise in Singapore is a prerequisite (e.g. medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, architecture, law, etc.).

Can I apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass and permanent residence at the same time?

Answer:  You may apply for PR and LTVP concurrently.

Can I apply for permanent residence again after I cancel it?

Answer:  You are required to submit a fresh PR application for ICA's consideration

Can I apply for Singapore PR for my parent(s) without a birth certificate?

Answer:  In the absence of a birth certificate, you have to produce other documentary evidence to prove the relationship between you and your parent(s).  

Can I apply for Singapore PR immediately after working here?

Answer:  You can submit an application for ICA's consideration after you have been working here on an Employment or S Pass after 6 months.

Can I leave Singapore while waiting for the result of my PR application?

Answer:  During the processing period of the PR application, applicants are free to travel. If the application is approved, the applicant must return to Singapore for the completion of formalities.

Can I sponsor my parent(s) for Singapore PR?

Answer:  Only Singapore citizens can sponsor their parent(s) for Singapore PR. Parent(s) of Singapore PRs can apply for PR on their own merits if they are employed in Singapore on an Employment or S pass.

Do I need an employer's sponsorship to apply for Singapore PR?

Answer:  It is not a prerequisite to have an employer's sponsorship to apply to be a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).

How do I submit an appeal after my Permanent Resident (PR) application is rejected?

Each PR application is carefully considered and reviewed before a decision is made. If you are still interested to be considered for PR, you need to submit a fresh application after six months.

How soon can a Singapore PR apply for Singapore citizenship after being granted PR status?

Answer:  Singapore PRs are eligible to apply for Singapore citizenship two years after being granted PR status.

I need to provide supporting documents to ICA for my application of PR. What should I do if they are not in English Language?

Answer:  For documents that are not in English language, ICA accepts translation done by the  Embassy of the document-issuing country or a Notary Public in Singapore. A privately translated copy attested by the Embassy of the document-issuing country or notarised by a Notary Public in Singapore is also acceptable. ICA does not endorse any private translation companies or entities.

If my spouse or children do not have a passport, can I still apply for Singapore PR for them?

Answer:  A travel document with at least 6 months validity at the point of submission is a prerequisite for Singapore PR application. Applicants are required to provide their passport details in the application.

Is there an age limit for PR applications / applicants?

Answer:  Applicants are eligible to submit a PR application under the PR scheme most relevant to them as long as they meet its submission criteria.

What is the validity period of permanent residence?

Answer:  Generally, a PR will be issued an Entry Permit (EP) at the point of completion of PR formalities. A PR will be allowed to stay indefinitely in Singapore as long as he does not travel out of Singapore. If he intends to travel out, he will require a valid Re-Entry Permit (REP), otherwise, he will lose his PR status if he travels out without a valid REP.

What is the validity period of permanent Will my PR status be revoked if I divorce my spouse who sponsored my permanent residence application

Answer:   Any cancellation of PR must be done in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Act (Chapter 133) or the Regulations thereunder. While your Re-Entry Permit (REP) may be sponsored by your spouse, your renewal of REP will be assessed on your own merits if you are divorced or under-going divorce.  

Will there be any change to the assessment criteria for PR application?

Answer:  The assessment criteria for PR application remain unchanged. Applicants will have to satisfy the prevailing eligibility requirements for the grant of Singapore PR.

Will I need to furnish additional documents after I have submitted my e-PR application?

Answer:  ICA may contact you to request for more documents if required. You will be notified by email to submit additional documents

When can my child submit his PR application as a student?

Answer:  Foreign students studying in Singapore on a valid immigration pass may submit a PR application online under the Foreign Student scheme (FSS) if they have resided in Singapore for more than 2 years at the point of application, have passed at least one national exam or are in the Integrated Programme.

What if I change job after I have applied for permanent residence?

Answer:  If there is a change of employment while your PR application is in process, you are required to update ICA with the following documents:

a. A letter from your employer addressed to the Controller of Immigration giving the date of employment, position held and salary earned per month (Basic & Gross);

b. Duly completed and signed (by current employer) form Annex A; and

c. A copy of your Employment pass (front & back)

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How long is the processing duration for a PR application?

Answer:   The normal processing time for a PR application is 4 to 6 months while some applications may take a longer time to process.